Join our May 31 Day Fitness & Nutrition Challenge! LAUNCHING May 1, 2024!


  • Confused by all the diet plans out there like vegetarian, keto, paleo, and IIFYM?

  • Unable to keep the weight off once you've lost it?

  • In need of extra support and accountability?

  • Looking for a customized plan that fits your lifestyle?

  • Wasting time on programs that don't work for you?

  • Losing motivation quickly?


  • How to make healthy recipes that actually taste good?

  • How much to eat? How much is too much or not enough?

  • Why you're not seeing results even though you are exercising regularly?

  • How to meal prep?

  • What is actually healthy and what is a marketing trick?




Work with our nutrition team to build an actionable plan that is specific to your goals and lifestyle.​


With scheduled checkins and measured feedback, you'll have the support you need to stay on track.​


Access to our guide which includes, meal ideas, healthy recipes, and nutrition resources.​


Our customized program has been tested and proven to get you results.​​



  • Learn how to eat less crap with the support of a nutrition and wellness team! No more fad diets, no more quick fixes! Eat with confidence!

  • Focus on learning to cook and eat meals that taste good and are good for you!

  • Exclusive access to our app with kitchen tips, recipes, nutrition tips and so much more

  • Initial meeting and Inbody with your coach + post challenge meeting and Inbody scan

  • Personalized meal plan or macro numbers

  • Weekly checkins with your coach via our app

  • Weekly mini education &

    engagement challenges with prize drawings each week from us and our sponsors!

  • Fun atmosphere with a group of people supporting each other on their journey to health & wellness

  • Encouragement to join our ongoing coaching program after the challenge!

  • Access to our 45 minute strength or cardio group classes @ RTC Fitness (***when you select that option or already belong to RTC)


How do I join?

Easy as 1-2-3!

  1. Click the link to sign up!

  2. Enter you info and purchase!

  3. Book your intro appointment on the next page (post purchase).

Then wait for your welcome email with instructions to prepare for your intro appointment!

How does it work?

  1. Register & book your intro appointment by adjusting the calendar to the week of April 22, 2024 and select a time that works for you.

  2. Complete the intro questionnaire & waiver that will be sent to you.

  3. 24-48 hours before your intro appointment you will receive details on what you need to prepare for your weigh-in.

  4. Please be sure to download the HSN app prior to your appointment.

  5. In your appointment, we will do initial measurements and go over your individual goals.

  6. After your appointment, your personalized meal plan or macro targets will be sent to you.

  7. Over the month of May (31 days), you will mark off habits in the HSN group, follow your custom habits, meal plan/guide and/or target macro goals, participate in weekly challenges, and receive tons of educational information. You can ask questions along the way!

  8. Accumulate points for participation.

  9. Learn, improve your fitness and nutrition habits, and win weekly prizes along the way!

  10. Return for the follow-up meeting the final week of the challenge.

  11. Continue with individual nutrition guidance after 31 days (OPTIONAL - but highly recommended).

I've done challenges before with strict food rules. How is this different and what is the meal plan?

Great question! In this challenge, EVERY participant will recieve a 100% personalized nutrition plan for the 31 day challenge.

This plan can include a meal plan with samples and recipes, a macro and calorie target plan, or personal habits to track that best suit you and your lifestyle.

There will NOT be a list of things you can and cannot eat. Nothing is off limits. Instead, you will be given resources and guides to help you pick the foods you enjoy AND work toward you goals. If you have more questions, feel free to reach out and we can help you determine if this challenge is right for you.

Prior to your initial appointment, you will complete a short questionaire so that during your intro appointment we can dig into your goals and determine the best fit for you! From there, our team will craft your custom plan and deliver it via our app prior to the start of the challenge.

Note: If you decide along the way that you want to try a different approach, you can communicate that at any time and we will adjust your plan for you! The goal is to create something that works for YOU during and after the 31 days!

I am not a member of RTC. What does the Challege with Fitness include?

You will have access to our 45 minute coach led group fitness classes, Build or Burn each week. You can attend as many of those classes during the challenge as you would like. They are great for ALL levels of experience!

BUILD: Functional weight training class for building strength. Slow, controlled movements.

BURN: High-intensity cardio class. Machines, light weights and bodyweight movements. 

If you have CrossFit experience and would like to join those classes, you will want to select the challenge option only and email us to get a CrossFit class membership for the Month of May.

Do I have to do your workouts or come to your gym?

No. But there are points for daily exercise of your choice. We will provide access to bodyweight only daily workouts you can do from home if you would prefer. Or you can use a different gym membership for your exercise. Just be sure to move your body and get your movement points along with following your meal plan.

I am not local to RTC. Can I participate?

YES! Follow the same sign up instructions above then email us at info@rtcfitnessohio.com to book your virtual intro appointment over Zoom!

What are the dates?

Important dates include:

Challenge Start: May 1, 2024

Challenge End: May 31, 2024

Intro Appointments: April 24 - April 30

Follow Up Appointments: May 29 - June 2

Winners Announced: Week of June 8, 2024

What does it cost?

The Challenge ONLY option is $169.

The Challenge with RTC Fitness Membership for the Month of May is $299.

But if you register early, you can save! See below!

Can I get a refund?

Challenge sign-ups are non-refundable and non-transferable.

Your ticket to your 2024 summer body.

Tickets are limited at each tier, and prices will go up soon.

Grand Prizes for:

Biggest change in Body Fat %

Most Weight Lost (in pounds)

Most Challenge Points (habit compliance)



ENDS @ 11:59PM on 4/10/24





ENDS @ 11:59PM on 4/10/24